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“Book hangover: inability to start a new book because you’re still living in the last book’s world.”
 34883 8th July 2012

Past the halfway mark

So I am past the halfway mark in my program right now - in 24 days, I will be flying back to America.  It seems somewhat unreal, and it’s going to kind of suck to go back home.  Everyone else in the program is leaving the 19th, so they only have 12 days left.  So anyway, I will give a little fill in on what I’ve been doing.

I have been riding with the S-Bahn to Munich a bunch, and we’ve seen Olympiaturm, Olympiapark, Marienplatz, Alsamkirche, Frauenkirche, Odeonsplatz, Englischer Garten, Diana Temple, Isartor, and lots more.  I have also already been to Nürnberg.

Today, we’re going to BMW Welt and Museum and after that Volksfest in a neighboring town.  Hopefully we can make it to Olympiaturm again tonight or tomorrow night to see Munich at night, and I am also really hoping to make it out to Allianz Arena.

We’re visiting Neuschwanstein & Hohenschwangau on Wednesday this week, which is also exciting.

Anyway, I need to be getting ready, but hopefully I can post some more pictures soon.  There’s just too many.  It may have to wait til I get back to the US. :P


Just got back from an amazing trip in Nürnberg!  So excited to post pictures later tonight or tomorrow. :)

FINALLY decent Internet.

So I have not had a reliable Internet connection until now, which means pictures are happening 2 weeks later than expected.  Oh well!

I’ll try to upload them tonight if I get the chance.  If not, tomorrow.

Near Munich now and so excited about these new adventures and my studies!


I AM FINALLY HERE!!!  More information and updates soon to follow.

Guten Morgen!

I’m up and finishing up some last minute things.  Need to get something packaged up for the mail.  Then checking in to my flights online and checking flight status.  Go through my packing list for the billionth time.  Shower & food is also important.

I really don’t think I’ll believe I’m leaving until I get to the airport.  When I said goodbye to my grandma last night, she was really sad of course, but I just couldn’t even be emotional because it still hadn’t hit me yet.

10:00: Shoving off for Indy
14:15: Bus to Chicago.
16:30: Arrival & dinner
18:00: Get to airport
21:00: TAKE OFF
6:15: Arrive in LHR
7:25: Depart for DUB
8:45: Arrive in DUB
10:20: Leave for MUC
13:40: Arrive in MÜNCHEN!

27-hour trip, here I come!!!!

I’ve hit the less-than-24-hours mark.


last day in america.

Today is officially my last full day in America.

To be honest, I don’t really quite know what to do with myself.  Everything is packed except for my backpack.  My clothes for the flight are laid out.  My room has been cleaned.  Music has been added to the iPod.  Mom and Sister are outside; Dad is inside watching the 500.  Going to visit Grandma later.  Most of my friends have been seen.  It seems that all that’s left to do is relax and wait.  And try not to make myself sick with nervousness.

On that note, I will not miss this awful heat.  At all.  Not even once.

I just can’t believe the time is finally right around the corner.  I am so anxious about my bus ride up to Chicago and then getting to the airport.  I’m anxious about my connecting flights.  Really, there isn’t much I’m not anxious about.


I finally got my host family assignment for my stay this summer!  I was worried I wasn’t going to find out til I got there.  Luckily, it’s still 3 days before I leave. :)

So naturally, I’m very excited, and I was even more excited that I live in Neu-Esting, which is ten walking minutes away from where classes are held.

My family has 3 children, who are 17, 14, and 6.  It’s nice to have a mix in ages like that I think.


is it just me, …

or is my Nutella toast and coffee starting to taste more German the closer I get to leaving?  It’s actually kind of bizarre - the texture of the toast, the Nutella, the crispness of the coffee.  Shit gives me chills.

Also, I’m picking out my clothes, and I’d better be calling Kenny Loggins because I am officially in the DANGER ZONE.  Well, the Packing Danger Zone.  It’s hard to pack for a trip when you have no idea what the weather might turn out to be.  I think what I will try to do is pack everything I have picked out and just weed out things along the way - I’m trying not to have more than a few of one type of thing.  Staying under 44 pounds is going to be pretty challenging.